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Taslima Nasreen (Bangladesh)

Taslima Nasreen

Journalist, novelist and poet, Taslima Nasreen attained global attention when fundamentalist Muslim clerics lead a violent campaign for killing her and a prize was set for her head in response to her books and articles. She went in hiding and later escaped to Europe. Nasreen studied medicine and worked in different public hospitals in Bangladesh from 1986 to 1993. She quit job in 1993 as a protest against government's decisions. Bangladesh government consficated her passport and asked her to stop writing. She is living in exile from 1994. She lived in Sweden, Germany and United States. Now she is living in France. Author of Lajja (1996), Amar Mayebela (1999) and other titles. Awards: Ananda Puroshkar, India, 1994; Kurt Tukholsky Prize, Sweden, 1994; Feminist of the Year, USA, 1994; Human Rights Award from the French government, 1994; Edit de Nantes award, France, 1994; Monismanien Prize, Sweden, 1995; Sakharov prize for freedom of thought from EU, 1995; Honorary Doctorate from Gent University, Belgium, 1995; International Humanist award from IHEU, 1996; Ananda Puroshkar (second time), India, 2000.