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Richard Stallman (USA)

Richard Stallman

Richard M. Stallman is the creator of the Free Software Movement, a progressive worldwide movement fighting for transparency and public accessibility of computer software. In a world where computers increasingly define and control our life, the codes that are running them should not be secret and under exclusive control of some multinational copyright holders. Free Software is open for everybody to understand, to use and to modify. It allows the free flow of creativity, serves democracy and social justice and contributes to create a free society.

Richard Stallman has been called the "philosopher king of software". He is an internationally reputed computer scientist and powerful speaker, lecturing all around the world. His many awards include the MacArthur-Foundation "Genius Grant" Fellowship in Computer Science (1990) and the Takeda Award in Techno-Entrepreneurial Achievements for Social / Economic Well-Being (2001, shared with Ken Sakamura and Linus Torvalds). He earned a B A from Harvard University and was a researcher of M.I.T.'s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He resigned in protest of increasingly restrictive copyright policy and launched the revolutionary GNU Project. GNU with Linux was the first freely distributable operating system with source code protected by the GNU GPL.