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Dr. Pieter Admiraal (The Netherlands)

Dr. Pieter Admiraal

Dutch anesthetist and pioneer in the field of voluntary euthanasia. Born in 1929, Pieter Admiraal took his MD from the University of Utrecht in 1956 and Ph.D. from Erasmus University in 1972.

Pieter Admiraal, courageously and out of deeply felt humane considerations advocated for the right of a self-determined 'good death.' The Lower Chamber of the Dutch Parliament in 2000 voted and approved a bill allowing doctors under strict conditions to help their patients to die. The Netherlands is the first country to legalize euthanasia. The unique climate of acceptance of euthanasia in the Netherlands is the result of the campaign by activists like Pieter Admiraal.

Dr Admiraal was the president of Dutch Society of Anesthesiology; he is the founder and first president of Dutch Society for the Study of Pain; and member of the Committee Pain and Committee Euthanasia of the Dutch Health Council. In 1994 he received the Royal decoration: Officer Oranje Nassau and in 2000 he received the Janet Good Memorial Award from the Hemlock Society, USA. Pieter Admiraal has to his credit over 70 publications, over 300 lectures and many interviews all over the world.