Honorary Associates of Rationalist International

Maryam Namazie (Iran)

Maryam Namazie

Maryam Namazie lives in London. She was born in Iran. Namazie is a prominent human rights activist, author and broadcaster and has been leading campaigns against stonings and executions in Islamic societies, opposing the veiling of children, opposing Sharia or religious laws, defending the banning of religious symbols from schools and public institutions, calling for secularism, de-religionisation of society and fpr freedom of expression. Previously, Namazie was the elected Executive Director of the International Federation of Iranian Refugee, a refugee run organisation with 60 branches in 20 countries worldwide for seven years. As director of the organisation, she campaigned on behalf of thousands of Iranian asylum seekers and refugees having intervened successfully on many cases. In 2005 she was awarded "Secularist of the Year" by National Secular Society, a prominent freethought organisation in the UK.