Honorary Associates of Rationalist International

Lavanam (India)

Elder son of Gora (founder of the Atheist Centre at Vijayawada: 1940, and former President of Indian Rationalist Association: 1973-75), Lavanam was born in 1930, the year when Gandhi started civil disobediance movement against the British salt tax. With thousands of companions Gandhi marched nearly 250 miles to the sea, picked up a handful of natural salt from the shore, and thereby called for all Indians to use salt obtained without paying the tax imposed by colonial law. Gora, an associate of Gandhi, was active in the national liberation struggle and called his son "Lavanam" (maning 'salt' in Sanskrit and other Indian languages). Lavanam was the most powerful instrument in the hands of Gora in building the Atheist Centre, and took over the leadership of the Atheist Centre following the death of Gora. Lavanam traveled around the world several times and carried forward the message of Atheism, Scientific Rationalism and Humanism. He worked in slums, criminal rehabilitation projects and was closely associated with Vinoba, a Gandhian leader who advocated voluntary land reforms in India. Lavanam is the proponent of a novel concept namely 'Intentional Family' where one decides the family members out of choice, not merely accepting biological coincidences.