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Ellen Johnson (USA)

Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson is the president of American Atheists, USA's prominent national atheist organization founded by Madalyn Murray O' Hair.

Ellen Johnson has been an Atheist all her life. She has an M.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Enviromental Studies. After serving several years on the board of directors of American Atheists, she succeeded Jon Murray in 1995 as president of the organization. She lead American Atheists through the difficult time after the mysterious disappearance of Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, Jon Murray and Robin O' Hair and kept up the tradition of courageous and efficient work in defense of civil rights of non-believers and as a guardian for the separation of church and state.

In 1998, she initiated discussions with the White House Office of Public Liaison about an official "place at the table" for atheists in discussions of atheist concern. She testified before the US Commission on Civil Rights on the "Unconstitutional religious expression in the Public Schools" and was part of the symposium on "Religion in the Public Schools" in 2000. She co-hosts the TV program "The Atheist Viewpoint" and is a regular guest in radio talk shows and TV programs in the USA and in Canada.