Honorary Associates of Rationalist International

David Tribe (Australia)

David Harold Tribe was born in Sydney and educated in Brisbane, Australia. Lived for many years in the UK, where associated with all wings of the freethought movement as outdoor speaker, lecturer, broadcaster, journalist, author, public relations advisor, strategist, campaigner and organizer. Was chairman of Humanist Group Action (1961-64), executive committee member of National Council for Civil Liberties (1961-72), president of National Secular Society (1963-71), editor of The Freethinker (1966), chairman of Secular Society Ltd. and G W Foote & Co. (1967-72). Has remained active in the broad freethought movement without holding office since return to Australia. Author of, inter alia, Freethought and Humanism in Shakespeare (1964), Why are We Here? (verse, 1965), Religion and Ethics in Schools (1965), 100 Years of Freethought (1967), The Cost of Church Schools (1970), President Charles Bradlaugh, MP (1971), Nucleoethics: Ethics in Modern Society (1972, 1973) and Questions of Censorship (1973).