Honorary Associates of Rationalist International

Barry Williams (Australia)

Barry Williams

Barry Williams is the editor of the Skeptic, leader of the Australian Skeptics, and the major force behind the successful World Skeptic Congress III held at Sydney in 2000. Barry joined the Australian Skeptics in 1980, and has been fully involved in its activities ever since. In 1990 he became Editor of its journal, the Skeptic, overseeing its transition from an in-house newsletter with a small circulation into a substantial journal with a wide readership. At the beginning of 1998, he combined this role with that of the full-time Executive Officer and continues in both positions today. With a background in engineering and commerce, Barry has maintained a practical approach to paranormal and pseudoscientific claims, reasoning that as most of these claims are aimed at people who do not necessarily have a deep understanding of scientific principles, then they should be challenged at a similar level also. He believes that a sense of humor, a sense of the ridiculous and a readiness to interact with the news media are all vital components in making Skeptical organizations successful.