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Prof. Antony Flew (UK)

Prof. Antony Flew

(1923 2010)

Professor Antony Flew was a veteran rationalist, philosopher, author and Professor Emeritus in Philosophy at the University of Reading. Born in 1923 in the UK, he was in the war service during the Second World War as a State Scholar in Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London (1942-43). Joined Oxford as an exhibitioner and later became Caseberd Scholar of St. Johns College. Obtained first class Honors in Litterae Humaniores ('Greats') in 1947, and was awarded the University Prize in Philosophy -the John Locke Scholarship in Mental Philosophy - in 1948. B.A. (Oxon.) in 1947, which was converted into M.A. in 1949 and D.Litt. (Keele) in 1974. Was lecturer in Philosophy at University of Oxford (1949-50), University of Aberdeen (1950-54) and Professor of Philosophy at the University Kelee (1954-74) and the University of Reading (1973-82). Since then Visiting Professor in several universities. Authored 23 titles including God and Philosophy (1966), Evolutionary Ethics (1967), An Introduction to Western Philosophy (1971), The Presumption of Atheism (1976), A Rational Animal (1978), Darwinian Evolution (1984), Atheistic Humanism (1993) and Philosophical Essays of Antony Flew (1997).