Soley Edamaruku (31/1/1934 – 1/3/2014)
Soley Edamaruku
(31/1/1934 – 1/3/2014)

Soley Edamaruku passed away

Soley Edamaruku, National Council member of Indian Rationalist Association and mother of Sanal Edamaruku, died on 1 March 2014 in a Trivandrum hospital. She could not meet her son for two years. Hours before her death, Sanal was with her on Skype.

Soley was a courageous rationalist, pioneer of inter-religious marriages and icon of several generations of Keralites. Born in a Hindu family, her marriage with the young firebrand rationalist Joseph Edamaruku, Sanal's father, crossed the barriers of different religions and challenged the Hindu - Christian establishment of Kerala. Soley bravely and proudly faced the consequences. When the pregnant young woman was brutally pressed for conversion in the house of Joseph's ancestral Christian family while she started labour pain, she refused. The couple left the house in a dark rainy night, and before they could reach a safe place, Soley delivered her first child in the open and rain: it was Sanal.

The public of Kerala reacted with outburst of grief on Soley Edamaruku's death. There was no burial. According to her wish, her eyes were donated to the eye bank to help two blind people to see light, and her body was donated to the Trivandrum medical college for anatomy studies.

A touching memorial meeting was held at Trivandrum on 5th March. Sanal could not attend that too.