Sanal Edamaruku in Helsinki

Two years of exile

It was in the first week of March 2012 that the "miracle" of a water dripping Mumbai crucifix that dripped water and attracted thousands of believers was scientifically explained and thereby stopped by Sanal Edamaruku. On a live TV programme he provided evidence that the source of the miraculous water was a leaking toilet drainage pipe. The exposé and the subsequent TV debate that Sanal had with the Mumbai bishop infuriated Catholic Church. Determined to silence their powerful critic at any cost, they resorted to extreme means.

Sanal braved fake blasphemy cases and attempts on his life and indefatigably continued hisrationalist work in an even wider frame - now with his headquarters in Finland. During the last two years he has been travelling, lecturing, writing articles, editing, giving interviews and guiding the campaigns of Indian RationalistAssociation from afar. His articulate determination in the face of odds and persecution is inspiring people in India and abroad.

The Inquisition of the 21st century continues! Hundreds of articles, blogs, huge petitions and several TV discussions have not restored in India the freedom to express criticism against the Catholic Church. The bishops insist on Sanal's apology as a pre-condition to stop the persecution. Sanal's answer to all those who want his apology is a clear NO. And that is final.