After 324 Years..

Film in memorial of the first known Polish atheist

The Polish Rationalist Association, the counterpart of Rationalist International in Poland, has produced a wonderful doumentary film on Kazimierz Łyszczyński, a noble man, philosopher, land owner, soldier and atheist who lived in Poland (March 4, 1634 to March 30, 1689). He wrote a treatise entitled "The non-existence of God" and was accused of blasphemy. Later he was executed by the Catholic church.

The death sentence was carried out in the Old Town Market in Warsaw, where his tongue was pulled out followed by beheading. After that, his corpse was transported beyond the city borders and cremated.

Bishop Załuski gave the following account of the execution:

"After recantation the culprit was conducted to the scaffold, where the executioner tore with a burning iron the tongue and the mouth, with which he had been cruel against God; after which his hands, the instruments of the abominable production, were burnt at a slow fire, the sacrilegious paper was thrown into the flames; finally himself, that monster of this century, this Decide was thrown into the expiatory flames; expiatory if such a crime may be atoned for."

Watch the film here...