‘Dabholkar faced martyrdom for his cause’

DC | 23rd Aug 2013

Kottayam: “The murder of anti-superstition activist, Dabholkar,  is an affront to the civilized world, and shockingly no religious leader has till now denounced it,” according to Sanal Edamaruku, close associate of  Dabholkar.

“He asked me to come back to India as, he said, even martyrdom will give strength to the movement,”  recalled Edamaruku, rationalist, who is  now in self-exile in Finland after receiving threats from various groups for exposing various miracles.

Narendra Dabholkar,  who was shot dead in Pune on Tuesday, in a telephonic talk with Edamaruku a few days earlier  had mentioned  about the threat faced by Edamaruku from certain groups in India for his campaign against the so-called miracles in the guise of faith and religion.

“I had  a good rapport with Dabholkar and he urged me to return to India and face it in India,’’ Edamaruku  said. Referring to the  Maharashtra government approving the anti-superstition and black magic ordinance, he said, “this is a great success for Dabholkar’s campaign.

Maharashtra government has fulfilled his  dream of a law through an ordinance. At the national level, the union government should also consider an ant-superstition law,” Edamaruku said.