Sanal Edamaruku in Spain

Sanal Edamaruku with Luis Garcia Castro in Madrid
Sanal Edamaruku with Luis Garcia Castro in Madrid

In December 2012, Sanal Edamaruku visited Spain. He traveled across the country, met with rationalists, skeptics and atheists from all walks of life – among them many scientists, artists, students and professionals – and gave talks in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Gijon. In the first of his speeches, held on 15th December in Barcelona’s Civic Centre, Sanal provided insight into nature and mechanisms of various facets of the Indian belief in the paranormal and into the techniques of rationalist work. He spoke about the secrets of flying yogis, the cords that bind many Indian top politicians to astrologers and godmen, about the haunting morning when all statues of the elephant faced god Ganesha started guzzling milk - and the unusual TV campaign with which Sanal and his supporters could stop the frenzy before sunset. Sanal also spoke about some of India's most successful godmen and their crimes and backgrounds, about his exposure of Pilot Baba who claimed to survive several days under water, about his meantime legendary Tantra Challenge and about his exposure of the Catholic "miracle" in Mumbai and the dramatic developments that followed.

Now you can see Sanal Edamaruku’s Barcelona speech on YouTube: click here.

Sanal Edamaruku’s Barcelona speech on YouTube

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