A Rationalist Fights to Disprove Miracles in India

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The American journalist Ashley Cleek travelled all the way to India to shed some light upon the background of the blasphemy case against Sanal Edamaruku. Here is her report

Ashley Cleek, November 23, 2012

“..... I met Edamaruku three years ago in Delhi. But this time, we spoke over Skype, because he has decamped to Europe, for “an extended lecture tour.” Edamaruku faces jail time back home. So what happened?

The controversy began in a sleepy backstreet in a middle class neighborhood of Mumbai, with a 12-foot tall statue of Jesus. It is pretty conventional: thin body, fallen head, stigmata on the hands and feet highlighted in bright red paint.

“This cross was built in thanksgiving by parents of AM Dias after his birth in 1873,” said Gordon Jacobs, president of a Catholic organization in Mumbai. Eight months ago, in March, a Hindu woman who cleans the statue noticed water dripping from the feet. She spread the word and soon the place was packed.....

A local TV station called up the “mythbuster,” Edamaruku, to get his opinion on the phenomenon. He responded, characteristically, that such a miracle was impossible. The Catholic groups insisted that he come investigate. So he went. And he looked.

It’s not surprising that the Catholics didn’t like what he found..... Click here to read more

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