The noose is further tightening

A petition for “anticipatory bail”, filed by Sanal Edamaruku to the Delhi High Court, has been turned down on formal grounds!

Since the court turned down the petition for “anticipatory bail”, the inspector in charge at Juhu Police Station has intensified his telephonic activities. He is pressing Sanal to turn himself in immediately or face arrest. If he is arrested now, he will most likely be detained in jail until court proceedings are concluded, which could take several years. Under this grave threat, Sanal is advised to stay away from his office and his home as well as from live TV appearances. But he would not budge an inch from the public frontlines.

In this situation, public support is crucial. Several initiatives are being taken in India and abroad to try and save Sanal Edamaruku from the danger of imprisonment.

“We can only imagine the conditions of an Indian jail,
and we don’t want our friend to find out.”

James Randi
James Randi called upon his readers to help fighting
this ridiculous, archaic attack on reason

“The single most important thing for Sanal at the moment is
international support and pressure from the outside.”

Caspar Melville
Caspar Melville, editor of the New Humanist,
initiated the Online Petition

“Sanal exposed a fraudulent miracle. Since when has
the unmasking of a fraud been 'offensive'?”

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins was one of the first signatories.

The Rationalist Association of UK created an Online Petition calling upon the Vatican and the Catholic authorities in Mumbai, particularly the Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai, to clarify their Church's position on the attempts to silence Sanal’s criticisms through legal channels, and asking them to use their influence with local Catholics to encourage them to publicly withdraw their charges.

The Petition also calls upon the government of India, the world’s largest democracy, to defend free speech by making it clear that Indian laws are not to be used to suppress scientific knowledge and reasonable criticism of religious mysticism. The Indian government is asked to “intercede to ensure this matter is settled without further harassment of a courageous and honest man.”

After the targeted number of five thousand signatures was reached in just a few days, the target has now been extended to ten thousand. Please join this campaign! Imagine: every new signature despatches automatically three mails: one to the Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai, one to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, and one to Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias, Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai. We hope it makes these gentlemen think when they find more than five thousand petitions in their inbox!