UK: Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists

Richard Dawkins

Prof. Richard Dawkins welcomed a decision by the British government barring free schools from state-funding if they teach creationism in science classes. The decision comes in the wake of the British Humanist Association’s powerful campaign against creationism, spearheaded by Dawkins and supported by 30 leading educationists and scientists.

Free schools, run by private individuals or organisations, are not bound to follow the national curriculum in Britain – a loop hole that could be used by anti-evolution groups to promote creationism and the doctrine of “intelligent design” as scientific theory. Now, the revised model funding-agreement withholds cash from any free school that fails to meet certain curricular criteria. Claiming that the Earth and its life were created by god can no longer be sold as fact as it is “contrary to established science and historical evidence and explanation”

[17th January, 2012]