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Bulletin 2007

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 168, 25 December 2007
  Happy Birthday, Sir Isaac Newton!
  A Year of Rationalist Achievements
Bulletin 167, 30 August 2007
  Mexico City: Amnesty International declares new abortion policy
  Nigeria: Fetish killers dismember Nigerian woman - by Tume Ahemba
  Spain: Breaking the moral monopoly of the Roman Catholic Church - by Fernando Robles
  Norway: European Human Rights Court rules against mandatory religious classes
Flash News, 9 August 2007
  Taslima Nasreen attacked in Hyderabad
Bulletin 166, 18 May 2007
  Vatican: The Viagra Pope
  New Honorary Associates
  Beware of holy scriptures!
  India: Art student arrested for 'obscene' depiction of Hindu gods
Bulletin 165, 19 March 2007
  Egypt: Blogger convicted for insulting Islam
  Germany: "We have renounced!" - Central Council of Ex-Muslims formed
  UK: Now women can volunteer to donate eggs for research
  Egypt: Prominent writer faces lawsuit over 'blasphemous' play
  Thailand: Kids are laughing all the way to the temple
  USA: A glimpse on a nation without religious slogans
  India: Satya Saibaba miracles in Indian Rationalist Association Blog
Bulletin 164, 24 February 2007
  USA: Freedom From Religion Foundation takes on "Faith-Based Initiative"
  Pakistan: Minister and fighter for women's rights killed by fanatic
  UK: Schoolgirl loses veil ban challenge
  Spain: Catholic Church fights legal battle to stop mass exodus
  New Zealand: There's no state religion
  China: Murdering brides for the marriage market of the dead