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Bulletin 2006

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 163, 1 December 2006
  India deserves a (more) dignified and responsible President
  Kenya: Hands off the Turkana Boy!
  India: Miss World in trouble with astrology
Bulletin 162, 9 November 2006
  Head scarf was ancient sex symbol
  Nepal: Exploitation of Kumari girls under Supreme Court scrutiny
  India: Tsunami bishops trouble Tamil Nadu
  Wave of superstition in India!
Bulletin 160, 26 August 2006
  Wave of superstition in India!
Bulletin 159, 15 August 2006
  WHY RATIONALISM? - By Sanal Edamaruku
Bulletin 158, 27 July 2006
  Vern Bullough, secular humanist leader passed away
  Why I Am a Skeptic about Religious Claims
Bulletin 156, 18 June 2006
  Indian Rationalists call for the withrawal of India's UN secretary-general candidate
  India should withdraw Shashi Tharoor’s nomination
Bulletin 155, 28 May 2006
  Kuwait: Women candidates contesting parliamentary elections
  Nepal: Dethroning Lord Vishnu
  Norway: Thinking about secularism...
  Management changes in Humanist Umbrella
Bulletin 154, 15 April 2006
  Jesus dispute in European Human Rights Court
  Born Again! The Indian way
  To save a heart patient, don't pray for him!
Bulletin 153, 26 March 2006
  March for Free Expression grand success
  Freedom of Expression: No ifs and buts
Bulletin 152, 8 March 2006
  March for Free Expression at London
  Lavanam Receives Mahatma Gandhi Award
  4th International Rationalist Conference
  Missionaries heading for Secular France
  Moscow Duma wants to ban "healers" using religious attributes
Bulletin 151, 26 January 2006
  Rationalist Centre at New Delhi
  4th International Rationalist Conference (26-29 December 2006)