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Bulletin 2005

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 150, 2 December 2005
  Nepal: Jungle boy's Buddha stunt
  Jesus Christ in Colombia - by Julio César Cuartas
Bulletin 149, 22 October 2005
  "Auspicious" times for Rationalism in India!
Bulletin 148, 12 October 2005
  Afghanistan: Women's rights editor arrested for blasphemy
  Norway: Religious bent of Constitution violates Human Rights
  India: High Court lifts ban on Taslima Nasreen's book
  Poland: A nation with a Pope of its own - By Andrzej Koraszewski
Bulletin 147, 19 September 2005
  Sir Hermann Bondi is no more
Bulletin 146, 19 August 2005
  Pakistan: Author gets life term for "blasphemy"
  Pakistan: Another blasphemy accused escaped fury of fundamentalists - for now
  Iran: Two teenagers hanged
  USA: Center for Inquiry granted representation at united Nations
  USA: Nothing unconstitutional about the Pledge, says court
  Nigeria: Pastors rob bank to build church
Bulletin 145, 18 July 2005
  Welcome to the Worldwide Rationalist Discussion Forum!
  Pakistan: New Bill paves way for Islamic fascism
  Pakistan's black Blasphemy Laws have to be eliminated
  Vatican gets ready for Evolution war
  Russia: Astrologer sues NASA
  Indian astrologer predicts collapse of US economy by August 2005
Bulletin 144, 22 June 2005
  Canada: Honors for Dr. Henry Morgentaler
  France: Secularism and the Left - By Jocelyn Bézecourt
  A Humanist Pope?
  The Netherlands: "A teacher cannot simply state that man descended from an ape!"
Bulletin 143, 9 May 2005
  Afghanistan: Woman stoned to death!
  Europe fails to protect immigrant Muslim women's human rights
  "We shall do our best to advance his failure" - Sanal Edamaruku in an interview with Radio BBC about the new Pope
  Pakistan: Fatwa-mob kills "blasphemer"
  Pakistan: Islamic passports are back
  India: "Marxists are not opposed to religion"
  Spain: The true Pope died before his "devilish" competitor in Rome
Bulletin 142, 2 April 2005
  Sanal Edamaruku new president of Indian Rationalist Association
Bulletin 141, 26 February 2005
  Dr. Younus Shaikh and Richard Stallman join Rationalist International
  Taslima Nasreen applies for Indian citizenship
  Vatican: Exorcism for beginners!
Bulletin 140, 14 February 2005
  Vatican: The kidnap program
  Saudi Arabia: Women-free democracy!
  India: Pious spies
Bulletin 139, 5 January 2005
  Islam and Women III - Dr. Younus Shaikh