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Bulletin 2003

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 117, 6 December 2003
  Unexpected turn in the blasphemy case against Dr. Younus Shaikh
Bulletin 116, 1 December 2003
  No food, no water for 60 years! Indian Ministry of Defence and NASA taken in by a village fraud
  Vatican: The runaway archbishop
  India: Communist government in Calcutta bans Taslima Nasreen's new book
  Thailand: Feminist temple revolution
  USA: 'Ten Commandments' judge ousted
Bulletin 115, 9 October 2003
  "India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa" — Sanal Edamaruku
  Pakistan: "Islamic values" deprive women of ultrasound test and ECG
  USA: Not all the mullahs are guided by Allah
  Russia: Farewell to liberal abortion laws
Bulletin 114, 26 September 2003
  Nigeria: Amina Lawal acquitted - New Stoning sentence in Bauchi State
Bulletin 113, 20 September 2003
  Egypt: Dispelling the curse of the pharaohs
  Nigeria: Amina Lawal case back in court
  Pakistan: Woman accused of blasphemy killed in prison
  India: In memoriam Abraham T. Kovoor
  Malaysia: Divorce via SMS
Bulletin 112, 27 August 2003
  There is nothing written in the stars! - Astrology fails scientific mega test
  Solidarity meet for Dr. Younus Shaikh in Delhi - and a new death sentence in a blasphemy trial in Pakis
  UK: Tony Blair's pact with God
Bulletin 111, 6 July 2003
  Afghanistan: Government orders editor’s arrest for blasphemy
  Tom Flynn now Honorary Associate of Rationalist International
  Pakistan: Courageous moves against the new Taliban
  "Missing Link" established in Ethiopia
Bulletin 110, 10 June 2003
  Pakistan: Rationalist International condemns the implementation of Shariat Law in the NWFP
  Jan Loeb Eisler now an Honorary Associate of Rationalist International
  Thailand: Buddha’s tooth on the move
  Australia: Jesus and the Boofheads
Bulletin 109, 21 May 2003
  China: Sorcerers' chance
  Cannes Film Festival: Lifting the burqa on Afghanistan
  European Constitution: God comes through the backdoor
Bulletin 108, 4 May 2003
  Enough of reincarnation, says the Dalai Lama
  India: High Court orders crack down on miracle healers
  Iran: Prof. Aghajari's persecution continues
Bulletin 107, 25 April 2003
  "Genetics is not offending the Gods"
        Celebrating the discovery of the Double Helix
Bulletin 106, 11 January 2003
  A silver line on the horizon of the Islamic world — By Sanal Edamaruku
  Prof. Aghajari is still on the death row