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Bulletin 2002

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 105, 24 December 2002
       Tumbling into a swirl of religious violence
Bulletin 104, 27 October 2002
  Mind outside body - mechanics of an illusion
  Belgium: Euthanasia legalized
  Australia: The Jedi rebellion
  Siberia: How to keep a dead Lama fresh
  India: Gods behind bars
Bulletin 103, 9 October 2002
  Indian Rationalists question mother Teresa’s ovarian miracle — By Sanal Edamaruku
Bulletin 102, 19 September 2002
  Nigeria: Flogging, amputations and more death-by-stoning sentences
  India: The truth about the Face-Scratcher — By Sanal Edamaruku
  Bangladesh: Taslima Nasreen’s new novel banned
  Iran: New divorce law - a step towards legal gender equality
  Vatican: Women priests challenge the all-male hierarchy
Bulletin 101, 20 August 2002
       Supreme Court acquits Ayub Masih
       A new death sentence
       Dr. Shaikh: High Court decision in pending
  INDIA: SATI IS BACK! — By Sanal Edamaruku
  Bangladesh: Muslim fundamentalists get Hindu playwright arrested
  Israel: Army bill sparks outrage
Bulletin 100, 23 July 2002
  Time to celebrate! - 100 issues of the Rationalist International Bulletin
  Discovery: Fossilized sensation - man is 7 million years old!
  Richard Wiseman joins Rationalist International as Honorary Associate
  South Africa: The bloody season of cruelty
  Pakistan: Village stones "blasphemist" to death
  USA: No First Amendment shield for Church
  India: Fire trial of chastity
  Germany: Buttocks of destiny
Bulletin 99, 8 July 2002
  USA: A courageous atheist strikes back
  Pakistan: Blasphemy accused murdered in jail
  Nepal: Editor tortured to death
  UK: Know-how to avoid cultural hostility
  USA: “Operation World Peace” for one billion Dollars only
  India: If you are not good at heart, you can burn your feet!
Bulletin 98, 9 June 2002
  Rationalist victory: Zafran Bi Bi is free at last!
  Dr Shaikh is still in the death cell...
Bulletin 97, 2 June 2002
  Stop war mongering - Rationalists urge political leaders of India and Pakistan
  Pakistan: First success of Rationalist protest in the case of Zafran Bi Bi
  UK: Is the Catholic Church going Dinosaur ?
  Bangladesh: Banned film gets Critics' Award in Cannes
  USA: Religion no license to violate laws
Bulletin 96, 15 May 2002
  UK: Diane Pretty's death
  "Exposed at home, Indian godmen go West": Sanal Edamaruku to speak at World Skeptics Conference
  USA: No party in Cardinal Law's garden this year
  USA Amnesty sees Human Rights violations in Guantanamo Bay
  Germany: Vaccination via vegetables
  UK: Under cover missionaries in Muslim countries
  India: Human sacrifice to appease the goddess
  Thailand: School for Black Magic
Bulletin 95, 28 April 2002
  Pakistan: Rape victim sentenced to death by stoning
  Kuwait: Young woman on the run from draconian law
  Nepal: Lifting the total ban on abortion
  France: Veiled danger for secular education
  Bahrain: Granting political rights to women
  Dubai: Wife beating is legal, rules court
  India: Gujarat riots - communalization of state and civic society — By Prof. Jayanti Patel
Bulletin 94, 17 April 2002
  Farewell - Fairplay — by Paul Kurtz
Bulletin 93, 30 March 2002
  Nigeria: Freedom instead of death by stoning - Islamic Law may be banned
  Vatican: Drops into silence about "mysterium iniquitatis"
  USA: Bishops face racketeering charges
  UK: Landmark judgement for the right to die
  Australia: Nancy Crick sells keys to her house
  Saudi Arabia: Girls without scarf have to die
Bulletin 92, 17 March 2002
  Vatican: The Pope, the Virgin and the Devil
  Britain: Spotlight on religious schools
  Philosophical dilemma: Are Humanists "religious non-believers" or "atheistic believers"?
  Turkey: The dawn of gender equality
  Turkey: The dawn of gender equality
Bulletin 91, 2 March 2002
  France: The birth of an extraordinary cruel law
  USA: Reproductive Genetics Institute reports medical milestone
  France: Academy of Sciences demands Dr. Shaikh's release
  Singapore: No scarf at school!
  USA: Lawsuit for child abuse makes Hare Krishna bankrupt
Bulletin 90, 13 February 2002
  Jim Herrick receives International Rationalist Award 2002
  International Rationalist Conference - a grand success
  The Momentous Significance of Rationalism Today - Paul Kurtz
Bulletin 89, 29 January 2002
  Sanal Edamaruku in Danish TV on 30 January
  Vatican: Secret Ecclesiastical Courts try priests for child abuse
  International Rationalist Award 2002
  Overwhelming Response
Bulletin 88, 18 January 2002
  International Rationalist Conference: Registration still possible Online!
  Bangladesh: Victory for Rationalists: Shariar Kabir Released
  Pakistan: Rationalist International welcomes President Musharaff's Speech: Demands freedom of Dr Shaikh
  Afghanistan: Adulterers are still Stoned to Death
  Nigeria: Execution under Shariah Law
  Prof. Ajoy Roy now an Honorary Associate
  Britain: Puja for Killed Cows